Khanna Research explores the invention and design of products, services and experiences for citizens and consumers alike. We address how interconnected media, entertainment and virtual environments around the world impact people—and suggest novel market niches and revenue opportunities.



«We believe organizations have a significant opportunity to create products, services and solutions that dovetail with new realities related to rapid global change.»

We conduct foresight research for companies, governments and organizations.

> Going Mobile
> Humanizing Robotics
> Realistic Sanctuary™

Going Mobile
Mobile services are now a way of life. They have become vital. Indispensable. What does “going mobile” mean for your business? Your employees? How will it impact the way you interact with partners and customers?

We help you explore and identify new opportunities and also assist with building strategies that leverage the mobile environment.

Humanizing Robotics
Robots are emerging as a major force in consumer and business markets and will begin to impact how we feel about and relate to each other.

We look at developments in robotics; the different forms robots may take; and how this technology may influence business and community life.

We help you explore and identify new opportunities in this growth market.

Realistic Sanctuary™
In this time of rapid economic and social change, Realistic Sanctuary is a concept we developed to positively affect business and civic life. Realistic Sanctuary provides the respite that people need from everyday stress and doubt, offering comfort that enables people to better adapt to massive change.

We assist you with identifying where your organization can provide Realistic Sanctuary to your employees and customers and help you to incorporate Realistic Sanctuary into the invention and design of products, services and experiences.


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