Since 1993, Khanna Research has worked with clients in health and life sciences, media and entertainment, management consulting and high tech. Our clients typically engage us to communicate about sophisticated products, services and solutions or to provide actionable insight that helps them to develop profitable, meaningful innovation for consumers and businesses.

Our original thinking has helped major companies such as Nokia Corp. and Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, develop new product prototypes, software and digital services. In addition to gaining a fresh perspective on the impact of rapid environmental, social and economic change, these companies employ our actionable insight to assist with capitalizing on emerging trends in the West as well as in fast-developing countries such as China and India.

«Massive shifts in the economy, environment, and climate system are placing extreme stress on people, cultures, and organizations. We help clients innovate and communicate in ways that support human resilience and well being.»

Sanjay Khanna, Principal, Khanna Research + Communications

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